Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do-Re-Mi redux

Now this just makes me really, really happy:

Do-Re-Mi, train station - the anti-anger agent

Seriously, I am not sure how anyone can watch this and not smile a little wider. As a lover of public spaces, and as someone who could happily watch The Sound of Music on repeat, I fought tears (and lost) when I saw this for the first time.   Strangers!  Dancing together!  In a beautiful Belgian train station!  What could be better?!

For some, better might be this...

Spanish Market, Opera

Who doesn't enjoy an aria or two while purchasing sausages and tomatoes?  Why not have champagne while doing so?  What's wrong with waltzing in the middle of a bustling market? And why not find so many different ways to fall in love?

If every lunch had a little impromptu Verdi, and if every commute was set to the tune of a little Julie Andrews, the world would be a better place. We must find reason to dance and sing sometimes. Thank goodness some people realize this.  Thank goodness that there are those for whom spontaneity is something too beautiful to pass by. To weep at something heavenly is a very good thing indeed.

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  1. Hooray! (Should I see if there’s a jumping-up-and-down smiley somewhere?)

    There is something inspiring about people coming together like this, isn’t there? You can’t help being a bit emotional about it. I asked myself the question ‘What’s the difference between these people and a crowd of football supporters?’ Simple, I suppose. The football crowd comes together in the spirit of competition. These people came together in the spirit of simple togetherness.

    Maybe we need a little competition, but it’s a pity we can’t keep it on a low light and confine it to sport. How would it be if we applied the higher side of our natures to all our other dealings? No more gangs, no more wars, no more famine because we would share the fruits of our labour...

    Oh, well.